Our personal attention and superb workmanship result in products that will last and look good for many years to come.


At Inspiring kitchens we are as passionate about your home as you are, which is why we consider ourselves your partner in creating your ideal custom designed kitchen, or improving your existing living space through additional built in cupboards and shelving to suit your requirements.


Inspiring Kitchens is an owner-run business that provides unique kitchen and cupboard solutions, with a focus on functional design that is tailored to suit your personal needs, style and cost profile.  Our personal attention and superb workmanship result in products that will last and look good for many years to come.


As importantly, we strive to maintain competitive prices while using quality wood and laminates, and top brand accessories.  The use of top brand accessories from the best suppliers enables us to give you a product of outstanding quality that will work as designed for many years to come at competitive pricing.


Whatever woodwork ideas you have, give us a call and we’ll be happy to come and talk to you about it, with no obligation.


We service the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas and are based close to Lanseria.


- Kitchens, cupboards and bathrooms

- Work and living spaces

- Storage in garages and tight spaces

- Designer furniture and tables

- Revamping existing kitchens and cupboards


Different materials and designs have different co
sts attached, this is a rough idea of how these materials and designs affect the total cost of your project. Below is a list of items that influence the price and each is explained from most expensive to least expensive.




Complexity, for example curved surfaces, necessitates the creation of molds that are used once and discarded.  Tops that have to be specially cut, turned legs and grooved pillars as well as angled surfaces also increases costs.





Duco and Varnish

  • Either spray painting (Duco) or varnishing requires the piece to be sanded, a base coat to be applied, then sanded again and a final coat to be applied, if the final coat is not perfect it is sanded again and given another final coat.
  • High gloss and some colours like red and black are more difficult to paint and therefore results in a cost increase.


Hand painting and paint techniques can give a variety of finishes including aging.


Wrap and melamine cupboard doors don't need painting.





Solid wood

  • Solid wood is marginally more expensive than veneered wood
  • Wood and veneer pricing is dependent on scarcity and exchange rates as most woods are imported
  • Solid wood as the name implies consists only of wood.  It may be prone to movement as a result of natural moisture changes such as during rainy and dry seasons.  Colour may vary from plank to plank and is not unchanging as it will transform over time with exposure to UV.  There may also be marks (knots) and grain differences from one piece to the other.  Wood is a natural product and these differences are normal and add to the aesthetics of the pieces created from it.
  • Solid wood is prone to warping, although if this has not occurred in the first month of use it should be stable for life. Different woods have different stability so it’s worthwhile to consult you designer to assist you in selecting the most suitable wood for your needs.



  • Veneer is when a thin sheet of real wood is glued onto a board (normally chip board). The advantage of veneer is that it is much more stable than solid wood. An option exists to apply solid wood strips on the sides of the chip and then to veneer over it (veneer over solid edges) this gives you the advantage of a more robust finish that can take a ding on a corner without exposing the chip interior.
  • Veneer can be grain matched giving a consistent finish over your workpiece
  • The next option with veneer is to put a thick edge of solid wood on the sides.  If you don’t do the veneer over solid edges, this will typically be 2mm thick.  It gives a superb finish and natural look. The glues and technology used when manufacturing veneer have been perfected over many years and this gives a very high quality stable finish.
  • Superwood (MDF medium density fibre).


Superwood (MDF medium density fibre)

  • MDF is the base used for Duco and hand painted cupboard doors and can be shaped by machining it.



  • Wrap cupboard doors are manufactured out of Superwood, and in some cases chip board, and then covered with a thin layer of plastic referred to in the industry as foil.


Coloured melamine

  • Coloured melamine have a variety of finishes from smooth to wood grain and can be imprinted with a range of colours and finishes that match real wood in look and are near indistinguishable from the real thing.


White melamine

  • White melamine is used for carcasses that are not in sight and are covered by your choice of finish - be it wood, painted or a wood grain melamine.




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